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The Kaiju Pop world wide web-based site  (website for short [site for short short]) was formed, moulded, tamed and molested by an assortment of folks in Japan who openly describe themselves as ‘foreign’. Rather than work out our obvious and numerous emotional disorders, we decided to type, talk, and video-… fy about games.

KP (@kaijupop) is, among others:

Chris Charlton (@reasonjp)
Chad O’Brien (@kyoushibanzai)
Marcelo Torrejon (@jetwulong)

A word on reviews

Unless otherwise stated, review copies of all games are purchased by the reviewer.

  • 4:  Essential  The rarest of things, something that everyone calling themselves a game enthusiast should pick up and try once, regardless of preferred genres or themes.
  • 3: Exceptional  A significant cut above the crowd. Though flawed or otherwise not necessarily for everyone, it does things other games in the genre do not, or tries something new with a great deal of success.
  • 2: Decent  There might be problems that mount up and prevent it from being a top tier game, or it might not do enough to quite make it stand out, but a 2 can still be an enjoyable experience that the curious should try.
  • 1:  Weak  One pop games may be functional, and enjoyable to some, but not the reviewer. Mechanical or conceptual failings make them impossible to recommend.

Finally, a zero: Poorly made in all areas, or possibly doesn’t even run properly. It should have been cancelled long, long ago. The people who made this happen probably don’t have jobs any more, and we barely even feel sympathy. In short: NO. But these almost never happen…
(You might see some references to poops in the older reviews. We went through a pretty weird… phase. The 4-point scale has stayed the same throughout, though, don’t worry!)

And now, the begging

Websites ain’t free. They’re pretty cheap, but not free. So, with justified unemployment looming, we’d love to take a cut (from Amazon, not you) of any purchase you make online. If you use the following links to Amazon and buy something, you’ll be helping us out.


If you’re into talking to other humans while you play games, we have a server for doing just that. It even works on smartphones! You need never be alone. EVER.

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