Still playing catch-up with the PS4 leaps and bounds ahead of the XBox One in sales around the world, Microsoft has been at an odd position for a few years now. They’ve got nothing to lose, and so they’re trying to pull out all of the stops. Things the users craved have been at the forefront of their mindset as they continuously move away from the old idea of having the game console be a multimedia center and instead focus on games, games, games.


Everyone expected that a huge focus of the presentation would be all about the Scorpio, including the official name, price, and date (XBox One X, $499, and November 7th, respectively). But it felt out of place with the new direction to spend 15 minutes on technical specs before ever showing a game. Of course, there were still plenty of people on hand to cheer for things like liquid cooling and teraflops. If you were to have a drinking game where “most powerful console” was the key phrase, you’d have wound up in the hospital 20 minutes into the presentation.

Everything changed once the games began though. Games, games, games. Over 40 different titles were shown off in one fashion or another, with plenty of in-depth looks at some of the biggest titles coming up in the next few years. Almost every trailer also featured a booming voice shouting “Exclusive”, though it left out the context shown on screen describing it as timed, console, or fully exclusive.

First on the docket was Forza Motorsport 7, shown off with the world’s first look at a 2018 supercar as Microsoft enters into a new deal with Porsche (after the exclusive license with EA ended). Dynamic weather, beautiful tracks, and high-speed action are the buzzwords to look for here.


Metro: Exodus made a strong showing with a brief, but brilliant gameplay demo featuring plenty of the mechanics we’ve come to know and love in the series. All that was missing was a face-mask wipe. Despite being an incredibly atmospheric shooter, the series hasn’t received nearly the attention it deserves, so here’s hoping this one changes that.

After numerous, NUMEROUS leaks, including actual merchandise for the game being sold before its official announcement, Assassin’s Creed Origins was finally revealed in a trailer/gameplay demo. Taking a cue from Watch Dogs, you’ll apparently be able to use a hawk (Kite? Falcon?) for scouting from overhead. Neat?

A bunch of smaller titles appeared one after the other, including Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, which has recently taken the PC gaming scene by storm. That will apparently come exclusively to Xbox One. And just in case you really, really like your survival games, State of Decay 2 and The Darwin Project were on hand to slake your thirst.

Minecraft will apparently be creating a new foundation with the Bedrock Engine (yabba-dabba-doooo!) that will allow them to unify gameplay across VR, mobile phones, PCs, the Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Notice anything missing there? Yes, apparently Playstation either hasn’t gotten the memo yet or they’re intentionally dropping out.


Personally, I’ve never been interested in owning a Dragonball fighting game, despite having a fondness for the series. But Dragonball FighterZ actually had me reconsidering that position. The animation looked amazing and the opportunities for intense, but hilarious 3-on-3 battles just seems like a good time.

Another stream of titles went by featuring a number of titles that look simply gorgeous, but were around too briefly to really get a taste of what the game itself would be like, including The Black Desert, The Last Night, The Artful Escape, and Code Vein.

Rare’s Sea of Thieves has popped up for quite a few E3 presentations, but it looks like that will finally be in the hands of players this year. You and a group of friends, or perhaps random strangers on the Internet, work together to form a pirate crew and hunt for booty on the high seas. A full gameplay demo showed off some of the exploration and puzzle-solving aspects, as well as the simplistic but entertaining combat.


A steady stream of titles poured across the screens one after the other, with very little room to breathe in between. Big names including Tacoma, Crackdown 3, and a prequel to Life is Strange all had spotlight videos before everything ended with a big presentation discussing brainwashing mechanics in Shadow of War, the sequel to Shadow of Mordor.

If you were a fan of Ori and the Blind Forest, there’s good news – an absolutely stunning trailer showed off some of the artistic beauty in a sequel world, called Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Despite recent reports that Microsoft players don’t really use their backwards compatibility much (which MS disputes), Phil Spencer was there to double-down on the program. This Fall will introduce backwards compatibility for not only XBox 360 games, but games from the original XBox. Big news for fans of titles like Crimson Skies.


The showcase ended with Anthem, a brand-new IP from Mass Effect developer BioWare. While that series focuses on the exploration of many planets, this one will apparently feature one gigantic world to explore and discover. Players can collect suits to go out and perform different tasks, earn XP, and earn loot including legendary weapons. Though the demo itself focused on a pair of players working together, there was no discussion of a single-player campaign. Still, I wouldn’t mind hopping about in that gorgeous world.