How many times have you looked up at the night sky and wondered if we’ll ever find signs of other intelligent life forms? Well, turns out they were actually right next door the whole time. Not in the sense of being on Mars or Venus, but right on Earth – simply in a parallel dimension. In Laughing Machines’ Undungeon, the neighbors come to visit. Due to a cataclysmic event known as the Shift, 7 different dimensions were squashed together like someone squeezing together a sandwich that’s just too big to bite. The result is a big sloppy mess of layers merging into each other.

The art style looks much like other exploration-based games with high intensity combat such as Hyper Light Drifter or Titan Souls. The player controls one of the seven Heralds from one of the seven merged worlds and travels about in a slightly angled top-down view, beating baddies as they seek to find out the mysteries behind the Shift. Roguelike elements mean that each death is permanent, but the Heralds are held together by a special object known as the Core, which allows them to revive as often as needed.

Combat also looks similar to the games mentioned before, though a host of different characters means that there are different combat opportunities for each. The characters’ abilities also cost points which means they can’t be spammed carelessly like in some other titles. As for the Heralds themselves, I’m definitely enjoying the different aesthetic that each one seems to be going for. Any game that lets me place as a goo gets my attention.


In true roguelike fashion, death means that the world will be completely reset upon restarting the game. But it seems like there are certain aspects that will carry over depending on important decisions the characters make, and those decisions might not always be in the best interest of humanity. I do enjoy the idea of popping through different quests and discovering different ways to complete them, and the developers have shown that characters can even be customized to specific styles through leveling up or through artifacts. Excited to get my hands on this one.


Quick & Easy Details

Title: Undungeon

Kickstarter Goal: 50,000 Euros (Achieved!!)

Developer: Laughing Machines

Home Page: http://undungeon.com/

Twitter: @Undungeon

Planned Platforms: PC (initial); PS4, Vita, XBox One, Nintendo Switch (stretch goals)

Planned Release Date: March 2018

If you’re interested in Undungeon, be sure to head over to their Kickstarter and pledge your support!

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