Eagle eyed readers of this here website may recall a feature last year where we spoke to the creators of cult Amiga multiplayer hit Gravity Force 2. Since then, Jan Kronquist and Jens Andersson have been inspired to remake the game in Unity, and Gravity Force 20 is now available in open Beta.

Now, in full disclosure this reporter, and KP at large is mentioned in the credits, and we were part of the closed testing period as well, but that disclosure out of the way, it’s a pleasure to say GF is still boatloads of fun. GF20 does little to tinker with the formula established by the original, only adding online play (which was perfectly smooth in our messing about) and the addition of more players to the mix, with a combination of split screen and online allowing for team matches. In the future, Jan and Jens are looking at adding race modes, online ranking and potentially a TVOS version.


The game feels exactly as it did in the good old days, and has aged incredibly well. It still, genuinely, is one of the best local multiplayer experiences you can have, and online is a huge bonus too. It is also free, which, oh my goodness, why aren’t you playing it right the hell now.

We’ll check in with GF20 as it develops. Be especially appreciative, by the way, of the ‘TOUCHDOWN’ voice sample, since we told them to put it in, and they did. We could be vidja game producers, I’m telling you.

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