The 2nd (annual?) Playstation Experience has now kicked into full gear, following a keynote address that announced several new titles coming to the PS4, or updating everyone on popular titles. There wasn’t too much to be excited over, and there were absolutely no first-party game reveals, but a couple of larger bombshells were dropped. There was actually quite a bit of love for the Vita. This year also saw Sony’s affiliated developers pushing new VR titles, with most of them focusing on how “wacky” games can become. Sadly, VR was missing its greatest champion, Shuhei Yoshida. Check out the line-up below!

The keynote began with another look at Uncharted 4, this time focusing not on the over-the-top action but a subtler, quiet moment. It was still a technical showcase, from facial animations of the characters to the details on clothing texture. It seems this entry will feature branching dialogue options, though if/how they’ll affect anything other than the script is unknown.

Shawn Layden then came out, sporting a Crash Bandicoot shirt and getting everyone’s hopes up before talking instead about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. We actually have gameplay footage! Much like more moden FF titles, Cloud will be able to clunk around with that big-ass sword as he wanders the streets, before getting into real-time battles where you can jump from character to character. Looking pretty sharp!

Next up was Call of Duty: Black Ops III news and the announcement that new maps would be coming to PS4 players significantly earlier than any other platform. There’s also a new eSports league for BLOPS III, with Playstation as the official presenter.

Star Wars Battlefront was brought up, but without much news aside from the upcoming Battle of Jakku DLC and a best kills reel.

Randy Pitchford of Gearbox was up to talk about Battleborn, ensuring fans that the game would be able to provide whatever experience you want, whether that be online multiplayer PVP, a solo campaign mode, or some splitscreen couch co-op. Players who take part in the beta early next year will get free access to a 26th hero exclusively for Playstation.

Following that, Yoshinori Ono was quite pleased to be able to reveal the last fighter for the upcoming Street Fighter V without it being leaked first. F.A.N.G. certainly looks like a sneaky one to deal with. Ono also officially revealed the 6 characters who would come out within the first year after the game’s release: Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri, and Urien. All of them can be unlocked through gameplay, or accessed early via the season pass.

The next segment was taken up by Gio Corsi, director of third party relations to lay down one title after the next that would be marching their way to the Playstation family. Armature’s Dead Star is a top-down multiplayer space shooter featuring customizable ships and procedurally-generated battlegrounds. Adult Swim Games (you remember them from TV in the 90s, right?) has a host of PS4 titles under its banner, including Death’s Gambit (2D Dark Souls?), Ray’s the Dead (comedy zombie action), Duck Game (?????? with ducks), Rain World (colorful LIMBO-like with a slugcat), Small Radios / Big Televisions (collect tapes which open virtual worlds), and Headlander (Double Fine game featuring a rocket-propelled head).

Tim Schafer and his studios sure are busy these days. Not only are they working on Headlander and Psychonauts 2 over at Fig, he came on stage to show the latest trailer for Day of the Tentacle Remastered and to announce Full Throttle Remastered, both of which will be coming to PS4 and Vita. That’s not all, though, as he was pleased to announce Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, a title exclusively for Playstation VR, allowing you to fully explore the world inside someone’s head….using a machine on your head.

The titles simply kept coming as Gio quickly announced Invisible Inc (PS4), Don’t Starve Together (PS4), Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey (PS4/Vita), Hitman GO (PS4/Vita), and Brawlhalla (PS4)

As part of the #BuildingtheList campaign, Gio was also happy to announce that Yakuza 5 would be coming out sooner than people expected. As in next Tuesday. Also, Yakuza 0 (that’s a zero) will be coming to the West. Surprised? Maybe not.

Perhaps a bit more surprising was the fact that SNK would be bringing Last Blade 2 to PS4 and Vita soon. This was followed by a brief clip showing a little more of King of Fighters XIV, which will apparently have 50 fighters. Spoiled for choice?

Gio closed out his segment by launching into a trailer for Ni-Oh, a Kou Shibusawa game long lost in development hell. It was first re-announced at Sony’s presser at the Tokyo Game Show, and still looks like an Eastern answer to The Witcher, which is perfectly fine with me (as it took my GotY for 2015).

Gio left the stage and on came Sid Shuman and Nick Suttner of the Playstation Blog to champion a few more indie titles and spread the Vita love – Bastion will be making its debut on the handheld for less than $5, with cross-buy if you have it already. Next, The Bit.Trip is a collection of all 6 Bit.Trip games, also cross-buy and cross-save. Then there was the announcement that roguelike top-down shooter The Nuclear Throne would be heading to PS4 and Vita.

If Nuclear Throne isn’t enough roguelike for you, then indie developer Stormcloud has a treat. Brut@l is the Rouge-est of roguelikes, it’s a dungeon-crawling action game featuring graphics based on (but not entirely composed of) ASCII characters. An interesting visual effect, at least.

Another quick stream of upcoming games featured titles like MLB The Show ’16Guns Up!, and Fat Princess Adventures.

Ted Price was next, showing off the latest gameplay trailer for the new Ratchet & Clank game, based on the upcoming movie, based on the original game. Action is looking pretty smooth, and there are new weapons like the Grooviton to make your opponents dance or the Pixellator which causes enemies to explode in bursts of voxels.

Then it was time for the Playstation VR showcase. Following a tech demo where one partner’s Move controller didn’t connect (ah well, these things happen), the lights went down and a new suit lit up. Testuya Mizuguchi, the man behind the mask, was wearing a colorful rumble suit as he navigating a floating man to a pulsing rhythm. That’s right, REZ Infinite is bringing a classic to the VR platform.

Adam Boyes and Asad Qizilbash listed off a long string of upcoming titles for Playstation VR, highlighting the fact that it allows developers to get crazier with their ideas. Those who plan on getting the headset will have Eagle Flight (bird-flying sim), The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. (taxi driving sim with destructible zombies), Job Simulator (play a robot trying to learn to job), and Golem (exploration game) to look forward to.

Some games, though, will be PS4 games that feature a switchover to the VR mode. One of these is No Goblin’s 100-Ft. Robot Golf, featuring…100-ft. robots as they play golf and destroy cities and each other to do so. In additon, Bandai Namco is dusting off a classic series that hasn’t seen any love in a while by bringing out Ace Combat 7, the first numbered title to the series in almost a decade.

Fans of Destiny and owners of The Taken King will have something to celebrate this month as the game adds Sparrow racing. It’s certainly something I wanted since I first got my Sparrow (though since I don’t have TTK, I guess I’m out). Better get in on the action quick, as it seems like it will only be around a few weeks!

Runic Games will be bringing their new title, Hob, to the PS4. It’s a puzzler without text or narrative, set in a world that focuses on atmosphere and exploration.

Of the last two announcements, the penultimate game was the one that resonated most with me. My favorite Level-5 game will soon have the long-awaited sequel in Ni no Kuni 2. While Ghibli won’t be lending their animation talents to the title this time around, some Ghibli talent is sticking around and the scenes still pop quite well. No gameplay yet, though.

Epic Games has long been revealing characters for their upcoming game, Paragon, without saying exactly what the game was supposed to be. Well, now we know – it’s another MOBA. Yes, the trailer looks good, but no gameplay here either, and it’s a MOBA. Could be great, but it’s unlikely to get my interest.

So there you have it!