There are currently 4 days left for Indivisible to reach its Indiegogo target of $1.5 million. This is a last gasp for a project that, by all accounts, should have its funding and then some. They’ve done everything right, from having a sensible goal (for the type of game they want to make) to laying out a plan for every dollar quite clearly. They’ve also released the prototype to the world, and it’s been well received almost everywhere. The game is an homage to action RPGs such as Valkyrie Profile, featuring a young girl who sets out on an adventure after her village is destroyed. She has the help of Incarnations, allies of her which live inside of her and can be summoned when needed to assist in battle. Combat is free-flowing, with each character in the party assigned to a single face button, but combining them with the direction keys can make for unique attacks that need to be chained to fight effectively.

I previously reported on Indivisible earlier in the campaign, and loved my own playthrough of the prototype. Though the campaign was initially doing quite well, it was a slow burn that eventually saw them get a one-time extension on their deadline. While it seemed like it might be enough to push the campaign to success, it also meant that Indivisible would be competing directly with people shopping for the holiday season. Why put money towards a game coming out 2+ years from now when you can get games cheap in a Black Friday sale?

Still hanging on...

Still hanging on…

While some projects suffer from a lack of communication with their supporters, either by not responding to comments from contributors or by a lack of proper updates, Lab Zero has shown an exemplary level of outreach to their supporters. Of course, it helps that they’re veterans of the crowdfunding scene, with their previous success through their Skull Girls campaign. There was a slow drag over Thanksgiving week, but the final hours have seen another push to get this game past the goal line. Not only that, it’s received a huge amount of support from other indie teams, with a cast of guest characters including Juan from Guacamelee, Red from Transistor, and Shantae from..well…Shantae.

So here we are, with only a few days left in the campaign and less than 10% to go. That still means another $150,000 needs to be collected. We’ll see if this new wave of support will be enough to see it through. If you’re interested in the game, head on over to the Indiegogo page and pledge your support!

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