A new local multiplayer focused game comes out on console or PC roughly every 0.486 seconds, but that’s a trend that mostly passes by iOS users. I mean, there are board games aplenty, but more twitch based local action has been hard to come by after Spaceteam.

Luckily, there’s Sebastian Gosztyla’s Dual. A combative spaceship shooter of sorts, you play sitting opposite one another via Bluetooth or the same wi-fi network, and send shots up ‘out’ of your screen and into your opponent’s. You tilt to move and tap or hold to either shoot some wimpy bullets or charge up something more powerful, specific to the three different ships on offer. It’s a fight to the death, and then you go again, hopefully.

It’s a little disorienting. Frequently you wind up concentrating on your own screen, and not looking over at your friend’s, which is encouraged; otherwise you end up just sort of guessing where your opponent may be and shooting blindly. Still, sending bullets across to someone else’s phone as you sit opposite them has a curious sense of technological magic to it. It’s also free, which is wonderful, with a slightly confusing co-op survival mode and some extra ships on offer if you kick a bit of money to Seabaa with a one-off in app purchase.

Dual’s out on the App Store and Android now, if you like.

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