Okay, admittedly when you think about cosplay, the first things you are going to be thinking about are people dressing up as anime or video game characters, or perhaps comic book or science fiction characters. But what about the ever-increasing popularity of dressing up like iconic Disney characters? I found myself a part of this rising trend in the United Kingdom and the United States, but at most cosplay events in Japan, it didn’t seem to exist at all.

What was a guy to do? Why, look at the source, of course. Disneyland advertises itself as a place where dreams come true, and let me assure you – at Halloween, Tokyo Disneyland can make any cosplayer’s dream come true.

Because unlike Disney in any other country, where at Halloween you can dress up in the evening after regular park hours for special events only, at Tokyo Disneyland you can dress up for the entire day. Which not only means having a fantastic time being a favourite Disney character, it means you can take some of the most epic Disney-themed cosplay pictures of all time courtesy of landmarks like Cinderella’s Castle. No one anywhere else is going to have pictures that compare to those, I assure you.


So what are the rules? Well, as an adult you can only dress up in full costume in Disneyland (Tokyo DisneySea never allows full costumes) the first and last week of the Halloween holiday season. Kids can dress up for the entire month. As can be expected, you can’t have anything too risqué or that shows too much skin but that’s the rule at most cosplay events anywhere in Japan. And finally, you have to have a costume that represents a Disney character or has a Disney theme – dressing up as a staff member is out, though. Other than that, the sky seems to be the limit for creativity.


While I saw plenty of cosplayers portraying characters that looked like they had walked right out of the movie in very accurate outfits, including princesses in full ball gowns, I also saw quite a lot of creative interpretations on Disney themes. There were Gothic Aristocrat versions of human Mickey and Minnie Mouse, cyberpunk-style aliens from Toy Story, boystyle-Lolita white rabbits from Alice in Wonderland, and more. The level of detail and commitment was at least on par with any anime convention I have ever been to in any country, if not over and above for some people.


Interested in going yourself and getting some fantastic cosplay photos as well as meeting a lot of awesome people? Well there are only a few days left to go this year but next year should be the same! All you need is a regular park entry ticket (I highly recommend getting them in advance though as these are very high traffic busy days at the parks!) and a cosplay, and you’re set to go! I went and cosplayed myself both last year and this year, and I will definitely be back again next year with yet another outfit because these days are some of the best cosplay experiences I have ever had the pleasure of having.


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J-fashion is my scene. Gyaru-o, Visual Kei, and Host Kei mostly. I dabble in Aristocrat and Ouji Lolita from time to time. Cosplay is my hobby. Video games are my number one way to de-stress. Music is my life.