Imagine. Imagine a world where there was no gap between sleep and your game, where such archaic, painful measures as getting out of bed to go to the living room and turn on the TV and Playstation were removed.

You have a TV and Playstation in your bedroom? Ah, but then you have to sit up, burning so many calories unnecessarily. But with the new Goron cushion, you can game like THIS:

Goron 1

The Goron cushion is surprisingly comfy once you’ve found a way to slide your head and shoulders into it, a tricky procedure, but once you’re in you’ll never want to leave, so that’s OK. Once enveloped in its comforting arms, even the most tempremental souls are comforted, calmed.

Goron 2

Also, for those with separation anxiety, you can play in the special fetal setting, for alternating between sessions, and clutching at yourself while calling for mummy.

Goron 3

We here at WDGP have a code of editorial ethics, and definitely would not sell ourselves out for the sake of some free promotional materials. But if we get sent one of these 19,800 Yen pieces of kit, we will be very happy indeed. Coming soon are attachments for heavier laptops and smaller phones to be supported, so stack all your electronics in bed, and be prepared to waste away in electronic comfort.

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