Hey, Youtube Users: You Really Don’t Need To Do Unboxing Videos Anymore.

The phenomenon of people taking videos of them taking things out of their packaging completely baffles us at WDGP. Whenever any new piece of technology launches, that scores of individuals post the same exact video of opening a cardboard box and pulling their expensive wondertoy out of it, before commenting on the cables and manuals contained therein and manage to get themselves thousands of hits from viewers seemingly desperate to know what’s inside the box of something they themselves are likely intending to buy, thus slightly spoiling the experience for themselves is a complete mystery (when smellovision becomes a thing over streaming video, they’ll probably ruin the experience of breathing in the fresh printer ink from the manual too, and its associated carcinogenic effects. For shame).

It’s a phenomenon that bafles and upsets hardware manuafacturers , as well, which has lead first Satoru Iwata with the Wii U and now Larry Hyrb with the XBox One to get ahead of things and post their own unboxing videos weeks, and in the XB1’s case, months before release, thus negating the need for other unboxings and strangling that market. Phew. Hot news from the unboxing is that the XBox One comes in a box, there are manuals, the HDMI cable is a nice one, there’s a headset and you get a sticker. With it. You can watch the whole QVC style experience (only 500 USD! Order now and get this free signed Don Mattrick 8×10 we still have lying around!) above. Or below. We put this stuff in later, I’m not sure.

John Carmack Undergoes Transcendence, Now Entirely Exists In Cyberland, Or Something


It emerged this week that John Carmack, id co-founder and unnervingly clever super brain, has joined Oculus as their Chief Technical Officer, in advance of the commercial launch of the Oculus Rift virtual reality, hundred percent immersion, don’t get any naughty ideas headset thing. Carmack has been championing Rift and lending technical support for a long time, and now in his new full time capacity with Oculus, will leave his corporeal form behind and become an entirely electronic entity, ruling cyberspace in a manner akin to That Guy From Lawnmower Man. Not Pierce Brosnan, but the offensive charicature of the mentally disabled. Carmack will not be leaving id meanwhile, and still oversee current projects from the developer, which means heavy Oculus Rift influence in Doom 4 is a given.

It’s Hot Enough To Fuel The Autumn Hype Train Now


It is, as we write this, so ludicrously hot that we all keep our gaming systems and Tv sets propped up on top of twenty open refrigerators, allowing us to cool our minds enough to comprehend what’s happening on screens in front of us and produce coherent ‘content’ about them. It’s also so hot that real, proper news is being pushed back a couple of weeks, as everyone gets ready for the overwhelming torrent of information hype and excitement that is the early autumn. Currently publishers are steadily releasing their plans for Gamescom, with Housemarque set to unveil their PS4 based spiritual successor to Super Stardust HD, and Square Enix bringing new trailers for Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3.

More relevant to us is the beginnings of Tokyo Game Show hype building up steam. The keynote address for the show will be an Andrew House and Shuhei Yoshida exhibition of ‘the world that PS4 creates’, and more details of exhibitor plans will slowly come to light over the next few weeks. We at WDGP will be at the show, and you can expect a cavalcade of audio, video and written stuff from business and public days in late September.

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