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It doesn’t matter whether you think a chip is a memory card, or a fry is French; what really matters is whether or not your taste buds are prepared for the highly delectable Fish and Chips available at The Red Dragon in Ebisu, Tokyo.  Conveniently placed in the heart of Tokyo; neighboring the ever so infamous Shibuya and ‘fly by your pants at night’ Roppongi.  Those in the know will understand what I’m talking about.  Go there and beware; you’ll definitely be entertained with all the shopping, dining, dancing, and the night scene that you’d expect from a post apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo.  I’m only halfway joking.

The Red Dragon Fish n Chipss

Ebisu however, is way more laid back and serves as a middle ground to all the madness.  The shopping is abundant, but not overwhelming; the dining however will satisfy palates expanding from the cheap izakaya chains, to the Ritz Carlton million dollar sushi bars.  The Red Dragon although, falls within anyone’s budget of having a casual dinner over a few pints.  The pints are within the usual Tokyo range of 800 to 1,200 Japanese yen, while the dishes are around the same.  The quality and atmosphere is where The Red Dragon really starts to peak your interest; you’ll definitely leave the place with good memories and a yearning to return for more.

Want to stop by after work for a quick pint before heading home to the real world?  Sit down at the bar and select from a moderately good selection of European brews such as Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, and my favorite, Spit Fire.  No, this isn’t a craft beer house, but you can’t go wrong with hometown favorites.  Here’s looking at you my fellow Europeans; I’m American.  They also have a little larger selection of bottled brew and ciders as well.  Enough really, to go with the selection of their excellent quality, and delicious dishes.

Shall we start with the Fish and Chips?  Yes sir, for it was my first dish that I tried upon my debut with the establishment; and have revisited the same dish a few other times during later occasions. I’ve yet to find a better beer battered cod anywhere else; it’s simply amazing. It’s my go-to-dish when I really want something tasty, filling, and goes straight to my heart.  Top the chips (fries) with ketchup or mayo, with a dash of lemon and vinegar, and you’re laughing.  You can’t get any better; especially while washing it down with a nice crisp brew.

Other favorites are the Cottage Pie and the Meat Pie.  Along with lemon and vinegar to go with the Fish and Chips, they have bottles of HP sauce as a ready arsenal for you meat lovers.  As an American, I grew up with A1 sauce, but HP kicks its ass up and down the street; and whenever a mate goes back to the UK, I always ask them to bring back a bottle of The Brown Sauce.  You haven’t lived until you’ve tried it.  It’s basically a more tangy sauce with a much better, richer, and thicker texture than A1.  Absolutely the bomb.

The Red Dragon Beef Pie

The venue itself is convenient enough for even the most sloshed party goers to be able to find their way back to the station.  I’ve always left feeling saucy, and although the Tokyo metro can be a bit confusing, with good friends by your side, or a nice warm radish field to lay your head down in, you’ll be home in no time. (inside joke)  Most importantly, happy, satisfied, and with good memories.  Especially if you utilize the 20 persons party room upstairs, and go all out with either a party course, or choose to have everyone ring their own orders up at the bar.  The option is yours.  In smaller groups or single, the downstairs seating is quite humble; plus there’s an outdoor patio that is usually pretty busy during the Spring and Autumn seasons.

I’d give The Red Dragon a 5 out of 5 if it weren’t for the lack of craft beers; but with the perfection of the food and venue, location, and service,  a strong 4 is definitely well deserved.

Open: Thursdays through Friday from 6pm till 3am
Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm till 4am
Sundays and holidays refer to the website.

Photography Copyright-The Red Dragon

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