One of our fellow forum foreigners has had a hell of a time trying to get his hacked Origin account sorted. In the week where it became properly illegal to download games here in Japan, it’s almost as if EA have taken that as a chance to say “we dares ya” to would-be pirater gaijin. It’s now a few hours later, and poor old HigashiBashi still hasn’t been able to kill his friends on Battlefield 3. The horror.

UPDATE: EA eventually emailed our frustrated foreign friend and fixed up his account for him. It took them long enough, but at least they got things together. Though everything is now hunky-dory, please enjoy reading the initial conversation below. It’s the dictionary definition of shitty customer service.



Bhaskar: Thanks for contacting EA Help! My name is Bhaskar how may I help you?
You: hello
Bhaskar: Hello.
Bhaskar: How are you doing today?
You: OK, I tried to log on to play Battlefield 3 today
You: but I can’t access my origin account. My email has been changed. I got a mail notification in my mail.
You: My password has also been changed..
Bhaskar: Okay, I’ll do my best to figure it out for you.
Bhaskar: Before proceeding may I have your first and last name please to update our database?
You: real name?
Bhaskar: Yes, sure.
You: OK, my name is ”&&% &”’((
Bhaskar: Thanks for the name.
Bhaskar: May I have your any game key linked with your account to locate the same?
You: ok.. you mean game ID when I purchased a game?
You: CD key?
Bhaskar: Yes.
You: ok.. last thing I purchased was battlefield 3 premium package on the 15th September. Order ID is “%&#&#%#
You: before that.. let me find the CD key too
You: here is my battlefield 3 unlock code “&#%&#%#%#%# and here is my product ID code #&#&#&#
Bhaskar: Thanks for the additional info.
You: I bought them via digital download
Bhaskar: Let me check this for you.
Bhaskar: Would you mind holding for a minute or two while I retrieve your account in our database?
You: sure no problem
You: I think someone hacked my account on the 30th…
Bhaskar: Thank you for waiting. I appreciate your patience.
You: no problem. I’m really nervous, so I cancelled my credit card for the account too just before
Bhaskar: Please login to bioware site with your Origin email address and password to login and you can see and reply on the post.
You: bioware site? ok let me check
Bhaskar: Please ignore the last sentence.
Bhaskar: May I have your FUT 12 club name, number of player, number of rare players and number of staff to verify your account?
You: What do you mean?
You: I can’t login to the bioware site. My account was changed
Bhaskar: Okay, no issue. please verify the FUT 12 details I have asked to verify your EA account so as I would be able to retrieve your account for you.
You: FuT 12? where can I see it
You: Fifa 12?
Bhaskar: Yes.
You: I didn’t play Fifa 12 for a long time. I mostly play Battlefiend 3 and Mass Effect 3 on my account
You: I’m sorry¬†
Bhaskar: I am afraid but without verification of the FUT 12 details , I am not able top process your request we ensure the best of the security for your account and follow strict guidelines to protect your account from people with unscrupulous intentions.
You: Fifa 12? I didn’t play it.
You: I bought it but not using. My recent game is Battlefield 3.
You: I can give you product IDs, pruchase emails of all games on the account
Bhaskar: We value your hard work inside the game and we always want to keep it safe for you. To make sure that the person contacting us is the actual owner of the account, we have this policy in place.
Bhaskar: I am afraid but we have the policy to verify the account with the details I have asked to you.
You: but how can I verfiy Fut 12?
You: I can’t access it
You: My account email was changed on the 30th. Old email was ‘#&#&&## and password was ‘&#&#$
You: somebody changed the email and password on the 30th
Bhaskar: I understand your concern and I am afraid but I am not able to process your request with out verification of the FUT 12 details, We have this verification policy to protect your account from people who might want to misuse have to verify the FUT 12 details to proceed further.
You: Yes I understand. But what is Fut 12?
Bhaskar: FUT means FIFA ultimate team 2012
You: yes, but how can I remember information?
You: I didn’t play fifa 12 for several months
You: isn’t there another way to verify origin account?
Bhaskar: I am afraid but we have only this policy to verify the account if you have the FUT 12 in your account, At times, it is difficult to recollect the details. Please take your time to get back to us with the correct details and we would be very happy to take this forward.
You: Fut details… Hmm team name is Mightyreds
You: but I can’t remember players or names
You: can’t you verfiy via battlefield 3?
Bhaskar: We don’t have any other option to verify the details, I can understand your disappointment but we have this policy and we are not allowed to go beyond the limits.
You: so.. I lose my account to a hacker..
You: I bought those games via Japan Origin, using my Japanes ecredit card
You: credit card*
Bhaskar: Please try to remember the details of the FUT 12 and get back to us as we have no other option to verify your account details.
You: I can’t. as I didn’t play it for a long time since I bought it
You: OK, thank you for your help

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