If Godzilla poop ever left behind anything that required attention, it would be the Shibuya district of Tokyo.  It’s home to the busiest intersection in the world and to the famous four-legged statue of Hachiko – a statue of a dog that’s always in need of attention, not to mention an ash tray.  Whenever you meet someone in front of the hectic entrance of Shibuya’s “Hachiko Exit”, you’re always greeted first by a motley crew of smokers.

“Hey man, wanna hit up the streets of Shibuyaaa!?”
“Yeah dude, let’s hook up at Hachiko!”

Shibuya is a fantastic place to see some of the most wild and craziest people in Tokyo.  But in the middle of all that hodgepodge is a quaint little British Pub called The Aldgate.
It’s just up the road from the Hachiko Exit, a 5 minute walk through the treacherous terrain of the infamous street known as Center Gai where you can find anything from headshops, condom outlets, Burger King, and African proprietors of “Authentic Fubu”.

The Aldgate serves as an escape from the rambunctious streets, and as a gateway to a much more amicable, serene environment that surprises you as soon as you cross the threshold.  After being greeted by the staff, you are presented with a simple layout that gives you an arrange of seating choices.

1) “The bar? No, too close to the booze and I don’t want to look like the drunkard that I am.”
2) “The booths to the left? No, I’m a loner so I don’t want to emphasize the fact by sitting by myself at a table.”
3) “The tables in the back? No, but it looks like an excellent place to hold a small party.”
4) “OK, I’ll just sit at the damn bar!”

At the bar you’re presented with an assortment of draught beer, and the line-up changes on a regular basis, but you can also find the standards, too.  Baird IPA, Yona Yona Ale, and Harry Porter are just a few of the choices available, but I’m always keen to try one of their guest beers.  They even have Real Ale!

The staff is very polite, and knowledgeable of their brews as well, and all of them speak English. Feel free to ask about what’s on tap, and for recommendations depending on the type of taste you prefer.  They’ve never failed me!

On to the grub!  With a menu including dishes such as Toad in The Hole, Welsh Faggot, and the most delectable Fish and Chips I’ve ever had, there’s not much else to say.  Delicious!  It’s Tokyo, so the prices aren’t cheap, but the portions are very reasonable. You won’t be disappointed.  In fact, compared to most other places of similar caliber, the value at The Aldgate can’t be beat.

Entertainment-wise, well, there are always the football games to watch.  But the screens are a bit small and have limited viewing angles so a couple more big screens would really help out a lot.  They have a decent selection of music that I’ve never complained about, but I also feel that a bit more variety could help spruce up the atmosphere a bit.  It’s non-smoking which might be a turn-off for some, but there’s a smoking area just outside the door for those who need a nicotine hit between sips of brew. They have free wifi but it’s so throttled, it’s not even worth trying to connect.

The only big drawback I’ve found is when I leave the place.  It makes you feel so much like you’re not in Tokyo anymore, that when you’re finished, it’s a bit of a shock when you walk outside in a drunken stupor.

“Hey man, looks like we’re still in Tokyo.”
“Yeah dude, how do I get home?”

If it weren’t for the few very minor gripes, I could give four perfectly well placed Godzilla sized poos rather than an unashamed three.  The Aldgate is an all-round good place to escape the madness of Tokyo, even for a brief moment.  Kick your heels up, chill out, and enjoy a nice cold one.  Like I said, you won’t be disappointed.



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