Ever since Minecraft proved that the model could work, there’s been a notable – and frankly heart-warming – rise to prominence in the alpha-funded indie scene. For those unfamiliar, alpha-funding is where the customer, ever-handsome and confident that he knows what he wants, purchases a game long before it reaches a release-worthy state of completion. That is to say, you fund a game while it’s still in its alpha stage of development. This usually means getting the game at a discounted price for showing faith in the developer, and as the game grows in terms of features and polish, the pennies you threw in initially look increasingly like a scandalous bargain. And I bloody love it.

These projects are constantly bouncing around the super-coolest corners of the internet, but then an awful lot of them do look like tosh in the early stages of development. So I feel it’s my duty to wade through the twaddle and pick out the best games still being made and accepting funding.

AirBuccaneers HD




FTL (Faster Than Light)






Project Zomboid

King Arthur’s Gold

Running With Rifles was mentioned in the comments below. Where would I be without people reminding me of the games I shamefully left out?

And a couple of notable omissions from Redditors:

Starfarer (which I purchased this week. D’doy), Kerbal Space Program and Dwarf Fortress (cheers, Deathcrow!)

(this video also shows the Stonesense plug-in running, for those of who just can’t see anything in DF’s original ASCII graphics)

Against The Wall (thanks, Hyleal!)

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